Expand Bank Rules

I was just wondering if it is possible to add information to Bank Rules?

At the moment I can only allocate to a specific income or expense category.

As we have a lot of customers who pay by EFT, It would be really helpful if I could add Payee and Account information in the bank rule.

At the moment I can only allocate to income or expense and have to manually go through the individual repeat customer payments to assign them to the correct customer.

So this is about being able to set payer or payee when categorizing using bank rules, correct?

When you import bank statement, instead of creating a bank rule for a transaction, click “Edit”, then you can add all the information required without having to manually adjust later. Not sure if the Bank Rules feature is designed for Account Receivable and Account Payable type transactions.

That’s it exactly, we have a lot of repeat payments from the same customers so it would simplify matters if the bank rule could also include customer/supplier details and allocation against invoices or payments.

I don’t think we are talking about the same thing.

If you are using Sales Invoices tab and want to allocate payments from customers against sales invoices using bank rules, you need to create bank rule which will post to Customer credits account. When you select custom credits account in bank rule, Manager will let you specify name of customer on bank rule…

Like this:

Yes I currently do have the Bank rule set up as described, but when you drill down into the Bank details later and look at the receipt, this is what appear on the receipt, see attached:

As you can see the receipt does not show who the payee is, is it possible to add the Payee/Supplier automatically to the receipt in the bank rule?

To be honest, I’m not sure whether Payer or Payee fields will remain implemented in this way.

If you use control accounts such as Accounts receivable, Employee clearing account etc, then payer or payee is already captured based on selected sub-account (e.g. name of customer, name of employee etc) and entering payer or payee again in another field is redundant.

I have some ideas how to solve this and it will be better implementation than what you are asking for.

Thanks for that, I look forward to seeing the update

Being able to set the Payee / payer in the bank rule would be useful for me also.
By which I mean add an entry to the bottom of the bank rule screen such as
… and set Payee/Payer to

Where the default is “Leave unchanged”
But a Payee / Payer could be entered to set this to a specific value

Use case

  • The description field often contains enough information to identify the Payee/Payer so a rule including that is specific for a particular Payee/Payer.

  • Give the rule is specific to a Payee/Payer setting it would be useful (the alternative is to use the edit button for every bank transaction where it can be set but is less time efficient.

My imports do not contain a payee / payer. If they did I would probably also like to be able to search on is ie have a line in the bank rule such as
… and if Payer/Payee contains:

I suspect this becomes even more important when cash sales / purchases are also included in suppler / customer transactions. For which I would like a check box labeled “This is a cash sale” which would result in a credit and debit on the same date in the appropriate customer/supplier payee/payer account. Although the interface would be cleanest by selecting the appropriate Accounts receivable / Accounts payable instead of payee / payer as that would better support refunds. But this is already a subject of another idea

Rule enhancements are also a feature of these ideas

and Split transactions for Bank Rules