Enhance importing bank statement process + bank rules

Not very sure if anyone had same scenario as my customer.

I’m having customer doing online trading particularly sales of consumable solution. The model are similar to amazon where the goods are delivered by third party ( they order and request from supplier to sent to designated customer)

Usually each week, they copy pasted table data from live online banking details (they don’t provide exporting to spreadsheet, had to copy paste every chance they get). They created they own columns to defined whether is an income, expense, loan, or pass-through transaction. That can be used later on by filtering feature in excel.

I had this idea about bank rules will read whether there is matching strings in the data to be import.

Since they already sent to me bank complete bank transactions in excel, which in turn I convert it and replace delimit semi colon to coma to be import in manager, (proven works in tested dummy books).

Can additional column be added for so in bank rules are guarantee will be detected as per configured in bank rule feature?

additional of three column if possible.

What they did,

The first column will first describe whether is an income or expenses, the second is describing the details of transaction where to post to relevant account, the third is name of sender or receiver.

In bank rules also I like it the matching text string not limited to one sentences or one word.at least 2 more matching strings to narrowing down the criteria. (Let it be optional)

I am not sure I fully understand everything you said about your client. But I don’t think Manager will move in a direction that helps with what you want as far as bank statement imports go. The developer has already mentioned that imports of CSV files will be eliminated, because they cause too much trouble. The various bank statement formats already identify whether a transaction is a deposit or withdrawal and payer or payee. And to be reliable, bank rules need simple decision logic, not evaluation of detailed descriptions.

What has been mentioned for future improvement is batch operations, including the batch creation of transactions. If that happens, you could probably do what you describe.

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depending what kind of batch operation he may implement might be better or may not what I need. since he already intended to eliminate importing by csv, My guess he may implement edit view that able to copy paste similar to google spreadsheet. The delimit handled internally. Less obstacle cause by program language.