Expense claims summary report shows nothing

I have expense claims recorded for an employee.

They appear correctly in both the Liabilities a/c and the expense a/c

But there’s nothing showing up in the claims summary report whether I have paid or not. I’ve tried both. Each time I go to the Expense Claims Report it still shows nothing.

According to manager /guides/6898 it the summary report should show something.

Is this a bug?
Please advise…

It looks like you have created Fiona Someone as an employee. That automatically lists here in the the dropdown list for Payer on expense claims. But because her claims are then posted directly to Employee clearing account, they do not show up on the Expense Claims Summary. Read the section in the Guide on expense claims reporting again. This is fully explained there.

If you want employees to also show on the Expense Claims Summary, you must create them separately as expense claims payers under Settings.

I also notice that you have apparently posted the claim to an expense account named Expense Claims. This is not normal practice. Line items on an expense claim should be posted to the ordinary expense accounts appropriate for whatever the payer purchased for the company. For example, Office supplies, Motor vehicle expenses, and so forth.

Thank you @Tut for the prompt clarification.
Yes I did have the payer (an employee) set up as an expense claims payer under settings but I used the wrong option from the dropdown.
I must be mindful of that in future.

re your “This is not normal practice.” comment…
I chose that account name for simplicity for me. I originally had named it as **Personal Vehicle Allowance less than 5000 km **. which is an ATO designated expense of 0.78 per kilometer.

Perhaps I should make the expense claims into a group then put a Personal Vehicle Allowance sub-account beneath the group.
That would probably make it clearer to the forum readers and to business reports.

Thanks again for the speedy help

Whatever you decide, the point is to post the claim to an expense account that makes it clear what the purpose of the expense was, not the process through which it was entered.