Expense Claims don't show in summary

Dear Sir, I have created expense claim payers and i did expense claims successfully under account expense claim liability .
But in summery doesn’t show and click expense claims - It shows like attached picture

Please help me, what I done wrong.

Thanks & Regards

According to your picture, you either cleared or reimbursed an expense claim for 1,000.00 on the same day you entered it. Look at the two transactions and see what you did.

Remember, an expense claim is for payment of a company expense from personal funds. No company money is spent, but the obligation to reimburse someone is being recorded.

You either clear the expense claim to owner’s equity or a capital account with a journal entry or you reimburse whoever paid it from a company bank or cash account.

Dear Tut, I have to recorded successfully, expense claims who was paid for my company as picture

. But in summery doesn’t appear as picture . I clicked - bar it shows me as picture. So please help me, what I made wrong.
Thanks & Regards.

As I said in my first answer, the expense claim was cleared the same day it was entered. When you are in the Expense Claims tab, you see a listing of one expense claim. No others have been entered. The value shown is the amount of that claim, not the balance of the Expense Claims account.

When you click on the account balance in the Summary, you see a listing of every transaction contributing to the balance shown. So you see the 1,000.00 expense claim and the offsetting 1,000.00 clearing transaction.

The information you have given is not sufficient to reveal the nature of the clearing transaction. But it appears to have been a negative amount entered in some transaction that referenced the Expense Claims account. Select Edit for that entry to see what it was.