Employee Expense claim

Is there a way to make a statement for each employee’s expense claims for each month?

No. But I’m thinking is that employee claims allocated against employees would automatically show on their payslip.

So the payslip would not only be about their earnings but also include expense claims automatically. Therefore no need for separate statement.


Until that payslip enhancement occurs, you might get what you need from the Expense Claims Summary report. Specify a date range for the month. You would get a list of those with claims and their total claims, payments, and balances. You would not have individual claims, but its a simple way to know much you owe everyone.

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@Tut i did that. but somehow it didnt come out in ‘expense claims summary’. i don’t know… maybe the way i enter data is wrong.

Only expense claims by “expense claim payers” will show on expense claims summary. This is because expense claims summary is really old report and hasn’t been touched since support for employees and capital accounts has been added.

I don’t plan to add employees on this report as employees do have other transactions too. I think the solution with payslips is more appropriate.

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I didn’t know that. Sorry to have given you bad information, @pauldoc.

Hi Lubos, has this been implemented? And if so, how do we make it come out in the payslip? Thanks!

@erik, it is not clear what “this” you are referring to, as several ideas have been discussed in this old thread. The Guide on expense claims is up to date:


Oh, I meant expense claims coming out in the payslip of the employee. Has this been implemented?

Not yet, the ability to add an expense claim reimbursement to the payslip.

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Assuming you select the expense claim payer from the Employees group, the liability will go to that employee’s subaccount in Employees Clearing. As long as you pay the full balance owed there, you will have paid not only payslips but also expense claims. But the claims will not be listed on a pay stub separately.

Thanks @Brucanna and @Tut! It’s a little thing, but it’s one of those things that will make Manager App even better!