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Here in Europe the process to make all transactions digital has started with Italy which was appointed, sadly because of a large amount of VAT frauds, as the first nation to adopt digital invoices.

Basically they are an XML file. You can find the format here:

I know that it is almost impossible for you to adopt all legal fantasies of nations around the word, but maybe you can create an instrument to save, or better export, data of an invoice based on an XML tamplate that each one can create/import and compile with Manager’s variables… something very similar to an invoice theme.

Done that, adding a button on each invoice, “save as XML” would solve this problem that every European guy will have in the near future (and Italians already have!).


PS: Perfection would be to have also an import function for XML file into suppliers invoices…


This is also the case here in Costa Rica. Since October 2018 everything is “factura electronica” (electric invoice).

I would need to be able to import the XML file. both the invoices I give to my clients and also the invoices I receive from suppliers.

If I could import the xml it would save a lot of time on data entry.


Australia is also adopting the Pan European Public Procurement On-Line (PEPPOL) standard eInvoicing | Australian Taxation Office
As have over 30 countries Peppol Authorities (PAs) - Peppol - Peppol

Singapore is also adopting the PEPPOL standard. Would be great if can support this as well

This is the case for Greece also, and I am relly disappointed to leave a so much loved software as to migrate to a local dinosaur program which has on the other hand managed to solve this issue.

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Taking into consideration the evolution during the last year of digital tax declaration in Europe, and not only in Europe, I think that XML input/output is becoming more and more urgent if we don’t want people leaving Manager for other softwares.

I created a wrapper through excel power query to import italian xml invoices in Manager with Batch Create.

It would be nice if Custom Reports could access all the corners of Manager’s database to package all country specific input data for XML invoices, with custom fields included, and then have a documented API to access such a Custom report.

btw Iceland has used PEPPOL for many years now, but only gov and big companies. Those using it seem happy about it; no paper or PDF file management. PEPPOL demands are increasing for SMBs as this is the way to go no doubt about it and all the EU regulation is in place.

XML invoicing is becoming compulsory, if is not already, in the whole EU. In Italy from this year also for freelancers.

I don’t think it is becoming compulsory for all invoicing. It may be in some countries, but in Ireland it will only apply to contracts with Government bodies

It will. It is an EU directive. The first step was also in Italy for contracts with governative bodies.

I don’t see any push to introduce it here in Ireland - but then VAT evasion is not a major concern. There is a level of VAT evasion of course but it seems to be quite small in comparison with other countries, in so far as you can measure these things

I’m removing this from ideas category because this can be already achieved using localizations. Specific feature request should be posted under relevant country topic in localizations category.

any update ?

Sadly no news at all…

@Lubos removed it from the ideas category as it is achieved through localizations so not sure why this is still being discussed.

Maybe because it cannot be achieved through localization…

@lubos any update ?

Please read @Lubos earlier post in this topic, he also recommended

Any news?