E-Invoicing in Australia

Are there plans to make Manager compliant with the Peppol standard to be introduced in Australia?

Is this practical? I can’t see hundreds of different accounting programs being able to “talk” to one another. Yes the Peppol standard might create a consistent format to communicate but it’s not that easy to integrate different platforms that well otherwise we would already be doing this years ago I would think.

Even word and google docs does not 100% reliably sync - there are still slight differences in formatting etc.

Don’t know about practical but if it is adopted as mandatory I can’t see the ATO making exceptions and as I, like many others, deal with government agencies and businesses it will be a necessity to comply.

I suspect it may get abandoned when somebody in IT tells me just how difficult and expensive this will be. it is one thing to export tax returns to the government. But this is completely different. I suspect that ATO will probably realise that it won’t be possible for the sheer cost and complexity. Also from a malware, hack point of view - it is a disastrous idea in my opinion. Oh well.

It is in the ideas section already

A possible implementation interface is discussed here

Thinking about it, it might actually be possible. You can import bank statements from pretty much any bank with any accounting program using ofx. So I suppose in theory, it should not be much more difficult to implement a consistent format for transfer. Just how the transfer is actually made will be a whole 'nother matter.