Establishing Email in MS Outlook

I am establishing Customer Invoicing and want to know how, if possible, to default the email setting to go through MS Outlook email sytem

Is this possible
Kingsley - Aussie

Read the Guide:

I have successfully been able to establish the invoice email being CC back to me as treasurer in MS Outlook, Windows 10, but still unable to have the email sent to the customer. I get this message

System.Net.Mail.SmtpFailedRecipientException: System.Net.Mail.SmtpFailedRecipientException: Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: No such user here
at System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient.Send(MailMessage message)
at ManagerServer.HttpHandlers.Businesses.Business.Email.Post()

The customer email page is showing my email address in the email box as

Sorry cannot sent the graphic using prt sc and paste into this email.
Nothing entered in Code or Business Identifier boxes

Any additional things I should enter somewhere.
Cheer Kings

implies that the username and password used to sign into the custom smtp server was not correct or that it was not transmitted to the smtp server correctly or that it was rejected by the smtp server for some reason ie spam filter, …

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I have used the custom email for sending out membership invoices. When typing the text and using line spacing the final email deletes the line spacing. Is there a solution as it looks very unprofessional
Cheers Kingsley

You did not specify what “line spacing” was deleted. Are you aware email templates are written in Liquid templating language? See the Guide:

I was typing information into the Invoice template and I am referring to line spacing as one would use in MS Word by pressing the ENTER key. When typing the 4 or 5 sentences it all looks fine in the template but when the email goes out all this line spacing is lost.

I am not sure what Liquid template language is?

Cheer Kingsley

Well, read the Guide. You can’t treat an email template like MS Word. Learn about Liquid here:

Hi am am not even familiar with the Liquid language you have referred to so will ask some assistance. This is the body text of the invoice email template but when it send the email all lice spacing is deleted. Can someone write it correctly and maybe email me at thanks guys

Dear Member

Please find attached your renewal invoice for your membership fees for 2019-20.

A separate attachment is the payment form required if you are making a cash deposit or other form of payment.

ALL CASH payment please go to your local P&N bank with the form attached and make payment, then post the completed form to OGSA at the address indicated on the form.

Should any information on the invoice be incorrect please let me know as this is the first year we have been able to utilise our clubs financial management software and it took weeks to set up, so ya there maybe a few error. No derogatory reply will be appreciated.

Your sincerely

Kingsley C Highet

if you are not familiar with html or liquid, please select Plain text instead of HTML in your email Settings page.

While not wanting to turn the forum into a Liquid programming forum, if you insert a line break tag,
<br />
into your email template, you will get a new line

Sharpdrivetek’s solution is even simpler :slight_smile:

Guys problem solved by using PLAIN TEXT format and NOT having any of the tick boxes marked. Was a good exercise in the simple process of elimination and trying all option.
Many thanks for your assistance.
I would like to get a group of users in Perth Western Australia if there are many out there willing to ‘get together’. Our sporting association is very impressed with Manager as it integrates well with both our accountant and auditor well

Thanks to all