Error while trying to create pdf or send email

Don’t know why but since about 7 hours ago I have been having a problem when either trying to create a pdf file or send the sales order as an email.

The messages I get are:



I have tried this from both my work PC and home laptop.

Does this have something to do with the server side?

may be ur internet connection is slow. or there is no connection

No! I do not think it is a network issue because it happens only for me and irrespective of the network :frowning:

I tried it on 4 networks now using 2 laptops and a PC. My colleagues on the same network has no problem.

OK! So, tracked down the problem. I had uploaded an image into the “Folder” and then used a link to that image within my Sales Order using the image custom field.

Actually I had seen someone suggest that method in the forum and hence tried it. Unfortunately for me, it gives an error when creating a pdf or when I try to send an email.

Took out the link to the image and pdf and mails started working again.

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The ability to link to images stored on the same machine varies by operating system. The safe thing is always to link to an external storage location.

Thanks Tut, I guess I learnt that the hard way :slightly_smiling_face:

But did not know that different OS plays different tunes. Mine is Windows 10.

Actually, I thought the topic you referred to was from someone using Windows. If I recall, he did it successfully, although he jumped through many hoops to do it. I only know it doesn’t work on a Mac.

At any rate, the point was never to encourage users to store images in accounting files. Imagine someone wanting photos of 1,000 inventory items and getting out their shiny, new 20 megapixel camera to attach a lot of high-resolution pictures. The file size would really get big in a hurry

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Yes, true! I agree, Ideally, the folder should not be used stuff such as those.

I have for now decided to forgo the image bit and for now focusing on getting as much historical data into manager.

I guess, I can focus on those less important aspects after I have got all the data in place.

Really appreciate the support you provide!