Can't send e-mails today

Hi new to the programme so just getting to grips with it. Last night, I sent out four purchase orders by e-mail without any problems. This morning tried to send out an invoice and this message keeps coming up “An exception occurred during a WebClient request”. Also tried to send another PO but the same message came up. I’m not using STMP setting. Any thoughts please.?

Firstly, I am no expert, but this kind of error sometimes appears when a system is trying to access a folder and file path that:
does not exist
is not complete
is maybe already in use by something else and is busy
is located on another machine or on the internet at large and cannot get access to it for some reason.
does not have the correct/adequate permissions to access a certain folder/file path

I am sure it would help if you could say which operating system you are using and which version of Manager.

It may be that using Manager’s SMTP settings will help, and is at this stage worth trying at least to see if that makes any difference

Hi Thanks for the tips, I have now set up STMP and run a test, which all worked without an issue. I’m using Window 7 and the manager I’m using is Manager 16.8.24. I’ve closed down the programme, and rebooted the computer (I am only operating from a single computer at the moment). The invoice I’m trying to e-mail has been completed and saved, it just wont e-mail and still comes up with “An exception occurred during a WebClient request” error when I attempt to e-mail.

Is this error happening only when sending invoice? How about you try email some report such as balance sheet. Does it work?

I have just tried reports and can send them, however I can’t sent purchase orders or Invoices.

Are your using a logo at all on your invoices and purchase order ??? - for example, a link to an image file somewhere

Thank you, I had updated my logo today, reverted back to old logo and all works now.

There is an issue if logo is too big. Newer versions actually allow maximum size of logo up to 256 kB (previously it was 1 MB).

Yeah that was definitely the issue, been gong around in circles all morning. It would be nice if when loading a logo to be informed if it’s oversize. At least that’s it solved - thanks