Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel

Hi all,

I’m getting this error when I’ve got an image link inserted, if the link is removed it’s fine, happens only some times not always, toady again. There’s a similar topic but wasn’t resolved. Screenshot inserted.

It’s definitely not email setting problems because its happening even when I try to export it in PDF

You did not say what you were trying to do when you get this error. Are you trying to email the sales quote?

Also, can you post a screen shot of the Edit page for this transaction?

yes sorry it’s when I want to mail it or even create an pdf there of, but when printing it seems to be fine.

If this content works sometimes, that points to a problem accessing the URL where the image is stored. It could be a timeout problem. How big is the image file?

What I meant with sometimes was, with some quotes this happens, with others not, when this indeed does happen, I choose to print it and then use my ‘print to pdf’ setting as a workaround. When I generate new quotes again it works perfectly. I did not mean that the same quote works sometimes and other times not. I’m not always sure about the image file size as I only link to it, but in this case, 13,8kb.

I would make sure any image is at an accessible URL controlled by you, not someone else’s web site. You could be competing with other traffic.


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