Cash account: Opening Balance Error

After raising a sales invoice, i credited the payment received to the Cash Account but after multiple transactions, the cash account view report shows the last few entries and not the entire list, please advice!

@Premm, are you referring to View button you can click under Cash Accounts tab and which will show the latest 10 transactions? If so, this button has been removed quite some time ago so I suggest you upgrade to the latest version.

Oh Bugger!
is there a way to print a statement of the cash transactions in a given month?

Depends what information you want to see.

You can try Click on Cash Accounts → Click on Cleared Balance link, Click on Export (at the bottom of the screen) and open the file in spreadsheet - filter and print from there.

You can click on ReportsCash AccountsCash Summary and view summary of transactions for your selected period.

You can click on ReportsGeneral LedgerGeneral Ledger Transactions and view all transactions for your selected period.