Bank / cash statement ( transaction )

Thanks for this great System ,
Before I ask I read the guide and searched about that but I couldn’t found solution.

I have 3 bank accounts and 3 cash accounts hope to print a Statement transaction for each bank account separately with modified date exactly same of customer / supplier statement transaction in reports showing creadit & debit columns and closing balance
Or can choose it from general ledger Tran. ( cash at bank —> Abc bank or NBE bank )


I hope you got my question And if it already available how I can do it Iam always up to date by the way.
Sorry if the question is repeated.

If I understand correctly what you want, your screen shot shows you are looking in the wrong place. You have options, each giving slightly different result formats:

  • In the Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts tabs, click on the blue balance figure for the account you want.
  • In the Summary, click on the balance of Cash at bank or Cash on hand. Then click the balance of the account you want.

In either case, export the result to a spreadsheet and manipulate it further, if desired.

My screenshot to show you that I need bank report same supplier report
I know how to export but it’s not systematic also not showing columns or closing balance

I look for column of date , description , credit and debit ,balance and closing balance

I want to get bank transaction report looks like that screen and that’s is needed for all accountant not only me .

You did not complete the export process. Read the Guide: And try both options I mentioned.

Thanks Tut ,
Yes it’s working , but I still hope see direct report for cash and bank accounts next days showing columns debit credit balance and header of company details , because this system is great and shouldn’t miss important report like that .

You should remember two things:

  1. A statement from a bank should be produced by the bank, not your internal accounting records. What Manager should provide is the record of what you have entered. And it already does that.
  2. There really is no such thing as a statement of a cash account. There is only the record of transactions you make involving that account. Again, Manager already provides it.

What you are requesting is an expression of your personal preference for how the data is displayed. No program can be expected to match everyone’s desires in that respect for every type of report. That is why the export feature exists.

I understand you , but Arabic Countries have a different way in that point I had explained it as I work on it for 6 years in KSA . To show why we need that report , also all Arabic ERP systems support that report and MANGAR Support Arabic Language also famous there , so i have to explain it .
so If users have direct report and also Export and they choose as they needs it will be great .
It’s my desire :smile: but also not only me :wink:
Thanks Tut for your Explain and Time .

For me the best transaction reports on any account with the columns you need, go to that account via balance sheet or income statement, click on the blue balance of the account you want, and then you see exactly what you want to see.

That’s is a very good solution thanks bro :+1: