About bank and cash accounts

Hi sir

Does your desktop edition’s bank account and also cash account limited to 10

because i recorded transactions and
the bank/cash cannot view more than 10 transaction in its report.

if there is a limitation how i can
treat it?

Do the
other editions like cloud and and server can solve this problem?

Under bank accounts, click on the blue figure under Statement balance which will show you all transactions. Remember blue figures are clickable, create a test business and have a play to get yourself familiar.
Desktop edition is not limited.

Hope this helps.

The view button will show only 10 recent transactions, but follow what @itmoto said and you will see all transactions

@itmoto is correct, but that instruction will only show cleared transactions. Uncleared payments and deposits are in separate columns, but work in similar fashion. Click the blue balance on the Summary page and you can see the overall result on one page.