Bug in Aged Receivables Report

When we create Sales Invoices with due date of 30 days (for e.g.) and receive the partial / full amount within 30 days, still the invoice amounts are showing as Coming Due.

We are using ‘Today’ view only and period is also set to ‘Today’

Even though money is received for the sales invoice why aged receivables report is still showing as coming due.

As a suggestion, try the report with a date of 26th and does this resolve the problem…
If yes, then perhaps the report is not picking up all the transactions relating to the 25th.

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It worked. Just changed the dates in period summary. I am new to this, so just trying to explore.

Not sure how that would be possible though. I’d need to see physical file to be able to reproduce this issue. For now, I just don’t think this would be the case.

@Sekhar, I don’t understand your image. The sales invoice register and aged receivables report do not seem to match. According to the invoice register, customer abc owes 1,400. Even if the entire amount of the unpaid invoice were included in the aged receivables report, that would only be 5,000. But the report shows 8,900 coming due. No combination of invoices adds up to 8,900.

Are you sure these two shots represent the same point in time?