Enormous Number of Recurring Sales Invoices

I have more than 300 recurring sales invoices.
Recently I found thousands of recurring invoices are pending to be issued.

When I clicked view, those invoices has only date column. But, nothing in the customer column.
Those dates covered several centuries.

Then I backed up business and issued those invoice. See this…


This invoice was issued on 1st October 887 AD.
In this year, Pietro I Candiano, Doge of Venice killed in battle.
I think, the customers were also died with him.:disappointed_relieved:

@Abu_Hasan, you have made my day! :laughing:

But I’m sure the problem is not as funny to you as your story was to me. What edition are you using (desktop/server/cloud)? And what version number?

Also, have you been creating your recurring invoices when they come due? Are those all present and correct? In other words, are these invoices over the centuries all bogus? Or have they replaced real invoices that should be there, waiting to be issued?

Finally, if you check the list of recurring sales invoices under Settings, is the list correct? Or are the problem invoices being generated in response to a corrupted list?

Server Edition | 17.12.45
I update my manager once a week.
The problem was found in this month (December 2017).





Yes. It’s normal.

Do new, erroneous invoices continue to appear? Or was this an all-at-one-time event when you updated? And, if you have not yet deleted these erroneous invoices, do they come back, notifying you they are ready for issue, if Manager is shut down and relaunched?

Many many years down the line, first October 1939 was the beginning of WW2. Must be something with 1st October.

The actual recurring invoice date is 1st of every month.
But the suspicious recurring invoice was not appeared on 1st December. It was some days later.

After created, they don’t appear again. I have to wait some days to see what happens.
I haven’t deleted any of these.

Maybe or not.
Due to network problem, there was some problem accessing manager.
Manager was setup in a way, so that if PC restart, manager will start automatically.

Based on what you have said, I cannot imagine what would make this happen. But I suspect something with your network issues. I think @lubos is the only one who will know what might cause erroneous recurring sales invoices.

It’s still quite weird the only portion of data affected would be recurring sales invoices. All of them. And nothing else.

Also, considering nobody has reported this issue, it’s unlikely to be a bug in the program.

Should I send you the business file?