Bug - Recurring sales invoice problem

Manager indicates that there are +8 unissued invoices but when I go to the recurring module, There are none.

Screenshot attached

always provide basic details like your Manager version, Manager edition and OS details to get help.
there were some bugs in the recent past which were fixed. have you updated to the latest version and checked?

My manager version is 19.10.21 using server version

This looks like a corrupted database. You can only get to the screen in your second screen shot by clicking the yellow banner in the first screen shot. But that banner only appears when the program thinks there are recurring invoices to create.

Go to Settings > Recurring Sales Invoices and post a screen shot of what you see.

Hi tut, Thank you for your reply
this is the screenshot of settings > Recurring sales invoice. I can’t see nothing wrong with it

It looks like the tab is wrong as there are no recurring invoices waiting to be created. The tab does not take into account the end or termination date

Although it is a bit strange that the invoices are monthly, the end date is set as 10/6 yet the next invoice creation date is 1/10 as if there was an invoice created 1/9

@Hafid_Fitra_Habibi, how is your date preference set? With the dates you show, it is not possible to tell whether the next issue date was January 10 or October 1. If your date preference is reversed from what you think it is, you have termination dates before the initial issue date for the first 8 recurring sales invoices. That situation produces exactly the result you see.

I have generated a separate bug report on this.

Dear tut,
My date preference is DD/MM/YYYY. Does the date caused the problem?

Yes, your dates are the problem. Your first issue date on those 8 recurring invoices is 1 October 2019. But your termination dates for all of them are in February, April, and June 2019. They ended before they began.

If you were using MM/DD/YYYY, they would all have begun in January and ended on various dates in October.