Bug with recurrings sales invoices

I think there is a bug with recurring sales invoices.
If you set up a recurring sale invoice for let’s say one year with issue every month, then in the sales invoices when the first date come all the twelve invoices issue at once.

Further more, when you setup the recurring sale invoice the choice of “hide due date” is not available.

confirmed, because pics are worth a 1000 words…

create from today for 1 year

that invoice in screen is the one I created the recurring invoices from

and finally:



It would appear this is related more to the issue I had last week with “until” dates that were initially falling due in the past. It was something @lubos hadn’t catered for and subsequently issued a fix for it very quickly.

It seems it is now broken in reverse and he may need to revisit his date checking routines. No doubt a fix should be up for this one soon enough, but in the mean time, if you remove the “until” date and have it until further notice, it will issue correctly.

I moved this topic to bugs.

Fixed in the latest version (19.9.26)