Duplicate Invoices

Today we have faced a strange situation, More than 150 duplicates of a single sales invoice that we have created and some of them with the same reference number. Usually this happened before but the duplicates were 2 copies not more and we thought it was of disrupted internet connection. The costumer is the same in all invoices and amounts and items etc…

We have deleted all the duplicates manually, but how can we make sure this does not happen again.

It would help if you gave more details of what version and edition you are using, what operating system

With the information you supplied in your post, all anyone can really say is Oh!

We are using the cloud version, but i am not sure what is the operating system of the laptop we created the invoice through, i can get this info tomorrow if it is important

Click History button in top-right corner. That would reveal when and who added these invoices.

I already checked it, all th duplicates are created by the same user, it is impossible thhat these duplicates were created manually because the time of each 4 5 invoices is the exactly the same including seconds

Is someone used Batch Create it is entirely possible to generate hundreds of duplicates in few seconds.

First of all you need as advised by so many to use a screenshot capture function by your operating system and not take a picture from a screen. Secondly, if you would view one or more of these “duplicate entries” you may end-up seeing many multiple ones in that view screen, which would have been based on one entry by that person, most likely using batch operations.

Manager in reality is really dumb software as it has no automation function so the good news is that this therefore always would be user error and not software error.

I am a usser of desktop version for personal business and i work in a company where we use the cloud version?
Base on my experience, invoice never duplicate on desktop version but it does on cloud version but the issue is not from manager software, it from the nextwork provider and i do explain the issues to people around me in Nigeria.

Sometime when network flaustrate, the system might have process receipt but due to network problem, it wont show the receipt priniting page for the user to print out the receipt, the more the user is been retrying the move the receipt keep generating and duplicating.

for this reason you need to educate your users once there is network failure when generating any invoice, they need to firstly confirm if the receipt as been process or not before retrying.

Best of Luck

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