Layout error

Cloud edition;
Edit screen of a sample purchase invoice

Yes the account selection purposely left blank(to determine it later-till then it will be in Suspense)

Print Screen:

Even after make a payment against the Purchase invoice;

Any idea/advice please?

Enter the account - Manager is not designed to display transactions with errors such as missing data etc

If you select an account or enter something for the description you should see the result you were expecting. Check the Column – Description box to make that field visible. If you really don’t want to enter any text here, even just a “.” will work. But if you are going to come back later anyway to select the account I don’t see why the layout is a problem in the interim?

Thank you @Joe91 and @GrahamvdR ,
I knew it, I register it here to take it to @lubos attention to correct it (to make “” most clean and error free system)

You might need to show a compelling use case for why the layout needs to work nicely with missing data.

This is not a bug - you do not enter required information, this is a user error

I am going to classify this as a bug. It’s unexpected behavior and inconsistent with other tabs, which have their own problems, as I discovered while researching this issue.

I agree that it’s not pretty.

In the next version, Manager will show blank column if there is nothing better to show (e.g. item name, account name, line description etc.)


Thank you @lubos