Empty Line in the line of items in Invoice Template

How can I add empty line in the invoice.

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Just add a line and leave it empty.

When I leave empty line, TAX column is appearing automatically on print. If I don’t leave empty line than TAX column disappears

Are you sure no tax code is selected?

Yes still it’s showing TAX column as soon as line is left empty

Is this actually an issue? Are your other line not taxed?

You could also add additional vertical space in a custom theme.

TAX column is not required in line items individually as TAX is shown below the total amount (before tax)

The column indicates the tax code applied, not the tax amount.

If all the line items on an invoice have the same Tax Code, then no Tax column will be printed on the invoice.

If the blank line has no Tax code, then the invoice will have two Tax codes - the one on the other lines and a blank code, so a Tax column will appear on the invoice

Assign the same tax code to the blank line, and no Tax column will appear - assuming that all the non-blank lines have the same Tax code

Not sure what the point of having blank lines on an invoice, but Hey, …

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