Employees Passport Expiry date alert

Dear Team,

I have custom fields in Employees Module, ie Passport Number, expiry date etc. how can i get an alert if an employee’s Passport expiry date is near by. any chance to get an alert in different colors or any email alert is possible.?

A custom report, or data export and external program search is the most likely solution

You could setup a custom report with the list of employees whose passport will expire in the next month and run it monthly

is there any way to show the passport expiry details in the summary area, while opening the manager software?

No, but you could list it as a column in the employees tab and then you could sort the list by Expiry Date by clicking on the column header

If this is something that’s important to your business, then you need to have a procedure in place to do it regularly. You shouldn’t need a prompt in Manager to remind you

ok thanks. atleast a red color alert for expiry date will help

@rebiheaven, custom fields are informational only. The program will not process their content in any way, because it has no use for the information. Think about it. No one knew you would create these fields, so there is no code to exploit the data you put into them. Even if your creation of a passport date expiration field could have been anticipated, who would have known what you wanted to do with the information? Perhaps you wanted advance warning of expirations, but perhaps you wanted instead to be able to verify employees had been authorized to travel outside the country on the dates they submitted expense claims.

The simple fact is that Manager is an accounting system, not a human resource management system.