Sale quote idea

could we have expire on date for sale quote? And also, have a notification to say it expire after the limit ?

You can do this with a custom field or fields. Enter the date in one. If desired, include a note announcing the expiration in another.

There would be no reason to build this into the program, because sales quotes have no financial impact.

I understand it does not have financial impact but we should automate process for accounting as much as possible

Because sales quotes have no financial impact, there is nothing to automate. A sales quote does not generate any transaction. Manager’s design philosophy is to have non-essential information, meaning information the program does not use in any way, in custom fields.

Create a custom field for expiration date. Set it to show as a column. You can then sort all sales quotes by expiration date to see which are still valid.

I understand but it’s a just a basic requirement