Employee pay

Simple question for you all maybe you can tell me the best way. I just added three part time employees whose hours vary every day and week. What is the best way to track their hours daily/weekly and pay them at the end of the week? And what category expense should it be reflected in? As much detail as possible thanks in advance!

Manager does not have a time clock capability. The Billable Time tab is designed for situations where customers are billed at an hourly rate. See:

So you need to set up some other method for recording attendance. Set up employees in the Employees tab. Then enter payroll information as in this Guide:

I recommend trying this out in a test company before risking your real accounting records. Then, if you have specific questions, post them. Please don’t ask such open-ended questions until you have done some preliminary reading.

Either create a spreadsheet attendance sheet (one per employee) for them to complete daily or purchase a preformatted attendance register book and have them complete daily.

The Manager default account is Wages & Salaries, but depending on your chart of accounts structure you can nominate any account that suits.

Thank you. I did create a few employees and was able to ‘clone’ their different payslips for the various days they worked. I do believe that at some point we will be able to set an hourly pay rate for an employee? Regarding export in ‘Payslips’: How can I export info for just one employee to show days and wages earned rather than all employees? Thanks in advance

I don’t know of a way to show days worked. As I said in my first reply to you, Manager does not record attendance.

There are several routes for obtaining information about a single employee:

  • The best is probably to go to Payslips tab, then search for the employee’s name. You get entries like this:

  • Or, in the Summary, click the blue balance for Employee clearing account. Then click on the balance for the employee concerned. You get everything that has affected that employee, which could be more than payslips, as shown in this example:

  • Or, in Summary, click on the balance for Wages & salaries. Search for the employee. You get something less informative, but perhaps more on point than the previous option, like this:

  • Or, go to Reports and create any of the employee reports that look useful. Those will include all employees.

All great info thanks Tut. Everything you said checks out of course although there is one area I am missing (because I did not do it correctly I’m sure). In ‘Summary’ - ‘Wages and Salaries’ I have no value although I do have balances in the ‘Employee clearing Acct’. Where could I have missed it? Thanks again

Go to Settings - Payslip Items - Payslip Earnings Items and what expense account is displayed.