Integration Employee Attendance

Can i do (Integration System with employee attendance)?

No. Manager has no attendance or time clock feature. There are many free applications that will do this. Use their output when generating payslips (if you are using that module). This has the benefit of keeping employees out of your accounting records.

SayedAlawi Let me tell you what we have found very useful with Manager. Now this is not conventional and makes use of the Manager Server Version. We have employees traveling and working in different places the method I am going to show helps us tremendously with the management and time recording of staff / contractors. Essentially time and attendance recording of stakeholders.
So here we go:

  1. Create a barebones entity for every staff member and Label each after the employee name eg. Time Sheet - John Doe or whatever the Staff member name is.
  2. Add some custom fields to the “Billiable Time” module to include drop down boxes to make activities / time selections / Descriptions easy for the Staff member when completing their TimeSheet. eg below

  1. Create a user logon account for each staff member / contractor you what to have time recording for and payslips etc.

  2. Allocate the “Time Sheet” to the user’s logon and set the user permission to “Limited Access” for the newly created Time Sheet / Barebones Entity.

  3. Also under User Permissions Select only the “Billable Time” module.

  4. Hit “Update”

  5. Add The company name for which the Staff member works as a Customer in the Time Sheet / Barebones entity.

  6. When the Staff Member fills in their Time Sheet it may look like this depending on your Custom Fields.

  1. The list view will look something this … Hmmm yes this guy has not done his time lately…

OK this guy is better

OK so from here you can report the staff members overtime sick leave or whatever you have put in the drop downs.
However all I am interested in here are the times / Hours / Sick / Leave etc. Each Pay Sheet for the relevant Paying company is constructed from the employees timesheet which we access from anywhere.

  1. So to be clear this is not an automated process but merely a tool for employees to record their time and activity in a paperless way. It would be fabulous to have this recording functionality directly in Managers employee module.

I think the best is to leave account software just for account,

There aer many free software for time sheet

Should I create new Business for every employee? If it is. It is difficult for lot of employees company.
am I right?

Why would you create a new business for every employee?

Mahfuzur_Rahman It is not a business as it only has the Billable Time tab enabled. Yes very impractical for many employees and the reason for a separate entry is so that each employee has their own time sheet for record keeping which admin / payroll can reference as well.

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Manager is probably not suitable product to track this kind of business, as you have dicovered.

To the contrary the Billable time tab does a great job for us in this focused way, showing days worked, paid leave, sick Leave and overtime worked and what projects hours worked.
The part that is impractical is that it is on an instance by employee basis. If each employee can record their time within the entity they get paid from and then payslips generated from those records that would be ideal and practical.

I think you would be better off researching a proper time recording and payroll software