Employees and payslips

how do I add employess with unpaid salaries or allowances. Or after the employees have been added how do i record their unpaid salaries or allowances

A Payslip is used to record the salary and allowances due to an employee
Enter employees | Manager
Pay employees | Manager
Set up payslip items | Manager
Issue payslips | Manager
Set up and manage recurring payslips | Manager

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Although the payslip as explained by @Joe91 links will register it as an expense in the Profit and Loss account (according to accrual accounting principles) but that the amount due in the balance sheet will be an accounts payable against which you need to issue a payment to clear it (in essence it is thus a commitment). Once the payment is done the accounts payable will be cleared and that’s it.

I somehow pity your employees for not being paid on time and hope that your business will thrive to avoid such obligations and cashflow issues while having happy employees :slight_smile:

In all fairness, it’s a big assumption to assume the employees are going unpaid

I did not assume they go unpaid, but I mentioned that they are not being paid on time and the response was related to:

Create the new employees on the Employees tab. You will see the starting balance box. Select Amount to pay option and type the unpaid in the amount box.

You may also use journal to record this if you wish the salary to reflect as current year expenses.

  1. Create the employees in the employee tab
    2 Record a new journal to credit each employee withe amount owed to them and debit the total to the appropriate salary expense account.

Note that for each line select the employee clearing account and select an employee

When you create the payslips for those unpaid salaries and allowances, all will go under the employee clearing account until paid. Employee clearing account is under the balance sheet’s short-term liabilities.