Employee Inactivated... by Mistake

Employee Inactivated… by Mistake…Is there any way to a get it back?
Payslip and transactions are as it is… But its inactivated in the list of Employee…
please provide solution…

At present the only option is to use the Back button. I do not know how many steps you can go back though.

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Ohh… Very thanks … I just forget that capability. Thanks again.:+1:

The Back button definitely does not restore an employee to active status. It only takes you back to previously viewed screens, like a web browser. The way to restore an employee is to click the Show inactive button below the Employees list:

Then edit the employee you want to restore by unchecking the Inactive box.

My answer was my experience.

If i set a supplier or customer inactive, no button appears as you have mentioned.

Currently I am using Manager 17.7.34. in windows… and there are no Button like Show Inactive

Yes, but its half True… Because… We have opportunity to Un-check the Inactive Button… and then click on update… So by that way my problem was solved…as tell by @sharpdrivetek :+1:

I apologize for the previous post.

I had tested the same in a test business where i had set only a single supplier or customer. When there are more than one customer or supplier, the Show inactive button appears as you have mentioned.

Similarly, @AaiRIz I think you should have more than one employee for the button to appear.

Normally the “Show Inactive” button will only appear after you have ticked the box for either the Customer/Supplier/Employee.

Having multiple Customer/Supplier/Employee shouldn’t cause it to show.

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Yes, but it turns out that if you only have one, and click the Inactive button, the list is empty and the Show Inactive button does not appear. If you are still in the same session, you can use the Back button to page backwards and recover. But if you’ve closed out, I think you are out of luck. I’m going to raise this as a Bug.

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what i meant was when the only supplier/customer/employee is set as inactive, the button does not appear.

this is the only supplier set. now when i set this supplier as inactive, it displays as below.

As you can see there is no Show inactive button.

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Yes, this is a bug that “show Inactive” Button is not appear, when only one employee.

After inactivate the only employee…whenever we add the new one… then that button will automatically display…
I know that button is present in the software… but my one of the business having only one employee… and i check the box inactive button… and i did not see any “Show Inactive” button so I am worried… that time.
Thanks all for help.:+1:

I have decided to get rid of Show invisible button altogether.

The latest version (17.7.50) will show all inactive items (e.g. customers, suppliers, employees, inventory items etc.) in light gray color at the bottom. So they will be out of view but not completely hidden.


This was a decision made a year ago and I completely understand why you made it. However the ability to hide inventory items from the view is a legitimate use case that improves quality of life.

Use Case:
I sell a lot of items only once, it would be extremely unlikely for me to ever resell the same item. The end result is that my inventory page is huge. Since the view does not paginate the list just grows forever and is full of items I will never have to manage or work with again.

I think it just needs a little more thought on how it could be implemented in which it does not confuse users. Perhaps instead of hiding the items, allow the inactive items to collapse down.

If you sell a lot of items only once, then I would question why you need to define them as an inventory item.

Inventory is usually associated with items that you hold in stock for future sales

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