Employees, active - inactive

I flagged some employees as inactive and they are gone.
How do I revive them? Where can I see these “inactive” ones?
I still need access to their payrolls.

Thanks for the great software. I really like it.

When you are under Employees tab, there is a Show inactive button in lower left corner.

Thanks lubos,
Now hat you tell me … I can see it.
My eyesight getting really too bad (and the monitor I am working on here is crap)
Sorry having bothered you

Hi lubos,

I noticed that Show Inactive employees button is missing. Same goes to bank and cash account as well.

in the recent version there is no Inactive button.
the employee which has been set as inactive will be displayed as greyed out at the bottom of the list. just click on edit and uncheck the inactive option.

Hi sharpdrivetek,

But I want to hide those inactive accounts/employees which we no longer used and at the same time to keep them for records.

i dont think it is possible to hide the inactive accounts at present.

Ouch. Can we have them back? Cos the inactive list goes on and on and it is very distracting… Any future enhancement for this?