Inactive Customers

Do you foresee a time when I might be able to make a Customer Inactive so as not to appear in the customer list? I ask because as a homeowners association we have a constant number of members, as people move out and new ones move in. I could change the customer name associated with an address, but would rather make a customer Inactive when they move away.

In the latest version (14.12.19), you can now mark customers, suppliers, employees and inventory items as inactive when editing them.

When you have inactive records, they won’t be visible in autocomplete and in tabs. To access inactive rows, click Show inactive button in top-left corner.


Great feature.
Would it be a consideration to also impliment the “Inactive” feature to Sales Quote, and maybe PO?

Thanks very much!! I was able to make customers inactive, however in producing new invoices they still appear in the autocomplete list. (ver 14.12.19)

Just a reminder - The inactive customers are still showing in my autocomplete lists. (ver 14.12.42)

Fixed in the latest version (14.12.52)

Err, I think you meant lower left hand corner.