Ability to Make a user inactive

Hello i am using the server edition of manager. Is there a way to make a user inactive fir a moment? Because when i login like Admin. I can only Update or delete a user.

Just change the user’s password?

@Joe91 ok i thought of this option but really did not like it. My cashier is leave i wanted to make her inactive so that when she comes back we can make her active and she continues.

I think @Joe91 's answer is the best option available now.
you can change to new password for make it inaccessible by her,
then change it to previous password again to make her active and she continues.

I would like to support this suggestion and hope it gets moved to the ideas category. In the meantime the solution by @Joe91 can be used but if you have many users it would eventually become a nightmare to handle active and inactive. Also you may have users that left the business and deleting these may not be appropriate while seeing them as “active” does not help either. So I hope this is not too complicated for @Lubos to develop/implement.

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An easier method is to delete the business from the user’s Businesses field on the Users page. When the user returns, add the business back. That user’s original permissions will still be set the same as they were before.

You don’t need an Inactive button, because you have not deleted the user. You have only eliminated the user’s access to a specific business. Restoring access is as simple as reselecting the business. So it is the same amount of work as editing the user and checking an Inactive box.