Email sending appears to be too slow

Having problems with sending emails since update is this just me.
i am not using custom SMTP it seems to hang for a bit then appears to have sent.

Manager is not able to generate PDF document locally so this work is done by 3rd party server. It’s multi-step process that can take a few seconds. If certain conditions are met, even longer.

In future emails will be put into queue and processed in background. Then sending emails from Manager will appear instant.

Ok so a 3rd party problem they simply are not being sent
just done update and the tracker is saying not viewed
i sent this to my other email over an hour ago still has not
been received

There was a technical issue, I’m working on making the system more resilient by removing all single points of failure. Try now and report back.

it seems to be working on a few test emails and the tracking you have added is a neat feature
thanks for being so prompt on the entire forum aswell