Emailing Sales Quotes

I am trying to email a quote to a client but it is not sending. I have tried to send it to various addresses to see if it is received but nothing. I have read an earlier query about this and have tried setting up the SMTP server for Yahoo, as I think this is the issue, but still nothing.

When sending quote to customer, does the program make it look like it has been sent or do you get any error?

HI Sorry for the delay, no it shows as sent.

When sending email from Manager, are you sending it from email address to another email address under domain? If so, Yahoo will quietly discard the email.

Try to send email from Manager without modifying From email address. Leave it as and see if the email arrives.

Upcoming version of Manager will not allow to set custom From email address unless custom SMTP server is used. This is to avoid email delivery issues some people have been complaining about.

I have just downloaded Manager. Brilliant program. Just a couple of problems.

  1. Continuing this thread, how do I set a custom SMTP server?
  2. How can I attach an attachment to a Purchase Order or Quote?
  1. Go to Settings, then Email Settings
  2. This is not currently possible, it should be available next month though.

Thanks for the info. Just one other thing, can I hide the ‘Unit Price’ when sending Quotes and invoices?

Yes, if you don’t enter anything to qty field, unit price and qty columns will be hidden and only amount will show.

Can I put the program into my applications folder (im using a Mac) instead of keep having to open the .dmg file?

Ni I dragged the ‘manager’ icon in my applications folder but it doesn’t open…

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