Emails function in not working

Whenever I am trying to make an email I get this error message -
An exception occurred during a WebClient request. I am using the latest software Manager 16.3.52

My domain uses port 25 and doesnt require SSL. When I use the test email settings its working perfectly fine but when I try to send a PO or Sales Quote the above mentioned error comes up.

Please help

I am unable to reproduce this.
What OS are you using and is this the Desktop or Server Edition?

If you have a antivirus/firewall, you could try disabling it momentarily and testing again.
If you have a business logo selected, try deleting it and seeing if that makes a difference.

I think the issue is logo size. If test email is working but sending an invoice doesn’t. Logo is too big. Try to make sure your business logo is no more than 500 kB.