Email error


I’m using manager 15.0.10 but my emails are unable to be sent. I am using the in the from field. Tracking is enabled and smtp disabled.
The message I keep getting is An exception occurred during a WebClient request.

Please help. I was able to send emails before.

First, update your software. You are literally hundreds of versions out of date.

Tut I updated and got version 15.6.73 (not that far off :blush: ).

I am still receiving the same message. Problem is NOT solved.

Then I can’t help you, other than to suggest searching the forum. There have been many threads on that issue. Perhaps one will help, but perhaps not. Personally, I don’t send emails from Manager, so I have experience with it.

Thanks Tut. I hope someone else can help @lubos

Problem solved. I searched the forum about other email issues and decided to remove the logo and to try a smaller logo. Both solutions worked. Thanks.