I can't send emails anymore

Good day

After the not latest update, but the one before that, I cant send Invoices from Manager. I get the following error: An error occurred while attempting to establish an SSL or TLS connection. The server’s SSL certificate could not be validated for the following reasons: • The server certificate has the following errors: • The revocation function was unable to check revocation for the certificate.
I have the Desktop Edition. Downloaded the latest release.
The test email works fine, I even get the test email to my email.

I’m running windows 10
Can anybody please assist.

Please search the forum as there are already numerous posts about email problems, the latest giving as solution revising the anti-virus program.

Did you manage to send emails before using these server credentials? Who is the email hosting provider?

Please note that you are advised to use the current version, i.e. update to Manager v23.8.25.1002 as at the date and time of this writing available from Download | Manager

Issue is that @Lubos recently improved the SMTP component to allow also for port 465 among other improvements. Meanwhile many mail hosting providers changed policies and ways SMTP relays work so as many of us have no problems sending emails with the Manager SMPT component some that do is mostly because of their mailhost. If you have just temporarily use a different mail host smtp settings and see if it works.

That information is not helpful. Actual version numbers are necessary.