Email sending issue

I am trying to email report but i am getting a error "The remote name could not be resolved: ‘’ ".
please help

Go to and download the latest version. That will fix the issue.

Downloaded the latest version and now I get an email error message: “An exception occurred during a WebClient request.”

Manager 15.3.62
i download and installed it thrice and still having the same version. Any other way to update?

I re downloaded it…Installation menu say modify, repair and remove… Twice i choose repair then 3rd time i choose modify…tried all the way out but version remains the same…Manager 15.3.62…Please help…For my work email is necessary or else this software is useless…Please help.

what edition are you using? Basically it is very simple to update. Just install the updated software over the location of the software.

@VISTA598, if you have a business logo. Try to delete logo under Settings then Business Logo. Then try to send email without having any logo on it. Does it work then?

I have had this same problem too. Removing the logo seems to have sorted it but it would be good to be able to put the logo back on again. Does anyone have any idea why removing the logo works and if I can do anything to put it back on again? Is the logo too big?

@Ben_Stacey, the logo is too big. Normally, it shouldn’t be more than 100-200 kB