Emails being directed to receipients spam folder

Over the last month we have found , that many invoices are being received to the spam folder by receipients . Some do get to go direct to the inbox but if a new address then It is flagged as spam and even some existing addresses will have our email flagged as spam. So we are not paid as a result of the email being lost in the spam folder.

We have this link to explain the reason and ask if this could be looked at and fixed.

The link shows that Baraccuta has your server blacklisted . this can be fixed by a message to them .

Thank you.

I’d say this is Gmail’s fault for disclosing real IP address of sender.

I guess, if you are using free Gmail account, then it is subject to abuse so Google is going to disclose all information it can about the sender to catch bad actors.

I didn’t test but would be interesting to see if Sender header still shows real IP address of sender if one is paying for G Suite. My guess would that no therefore paying Google for Gmail would solve this issue.

White-listing is not an option because we do not use static IP addresses.

This is entirely on the email provider you use, not related to the Manager software.

Yes, to a large part that is correct but as shown it has to do with google mostly. Where before it was fine, now something has changed .that was main reason for post to highlight something changed.

Hi Lubos, thanks your explaination I had a friend who is good IT person look at a work around. This is hos question to you.

I have used another email account to send mail using my website’s cPanel host mail. I have updated all the details in the setting to send from this account in the software and tested and it’s working ok. Unfortunately the email are still going to the spam folder. When analysing the header I get the following: . I have also setup “” in the SPF record. I am thinking the issue is because the IP is blacklisted with Barracuda .

Could you advise on this if possible?