Email templates improvement


Currently, when a user sends an email he is allowed to edit html template before sending it:

This poses a lot of issues, namely:

  • Users sending emails might not have access to email templates but they can still do changes to the email before sending
  • 99 times out of a 100, the user sending emails doesn’t have the skill to understand or alter the template
  • If the template is locked when sending emails, users cannot share their own notes.

Possible Fix

I was thinking that there should be a solution that enables end users to share their notes when sending emails without compromising the integrity of the email template.

What if in place of the entire body, the field that the end user can edit is called {{ user_message }} and that is exposed to the email templates so the administrator can include this field in their template. This would require that the liquid code doesn’t get parsed parsed until the end user fills their notes and press Send, only then should the liquid code get parsed in order to capture the user message field.

Also, in case the administrators do not bother to set a custom email template, the template by default should be {{ user_message }} by default.