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Is there any ways we can edit the add data in the footer section of email.

By default, from email templates, we could able to add subject, and Message body, then we get the Summery along with View button. If I want to add data blow summery and view how should I do it.

You cannot add any fields to an email template.

What are you referring to? Email templates do not have summaries or View buttons.

I was referring summery as (Title, description, date, reference, View Button)

Your screen shot does not show a summary of the email template. It shows previews of the email message and email record that will be created as an email is sent. Only the upper portion is part of the email template. The lower portion will become the record Manager displays of an email that has been sent. You cannot modify that.

@Tut i have mistakenly said preview as summery.
This is the format now.

Above is a example of mail received my client.

I have used subject and Message body to draft the message from email templates.

Now say, i would like to draft like

We could easy achive some structure like this if we have two fields in email template message body, Say message Header and Footer. If data is there it will display else ignore.

Or simply any short code to include

This section alone inside message body rather it automatically comes in last part of email.

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@Ealfardan Thanks for sharing this post,
I was searching for the first post you mentioned to continue the discussion on it. I didn’t noticed it was in #ideas Category.
Anyways still the solution is not provided for the earlier post.

I support this IDEA to have option to edit the format.