Email template for sales order

I am searching for an email template for sales orders, like you have for purchase orders and invoices etc.

Can someone help me, or is it just not there.

Thanks in advance for answering,


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There is none. A sales order is an internal document that records a purchase order from a customer. It is not something you send to anyone, but rather a way of recording something sent to you. So no fancy template.

On the other hand, you can still email one directly from the view screen.

Thank you for the swift answer. I can stop looking for something that is not to be found.

I use the sales order also to confirm the sales quantity and sales price to the customer. Moreover, via the sales order I let the client know when and where goods will be delivered. So the way I use it the sales order is not only an internal document.

So the best way to go now is to make a sales order, save it as .pdf file, change the name of the file, email it by my standard emailprogram making use of the template I made in that emailprogram.

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I also use sales orders to confirm orders for customers.
I deal in products that are limited editions and offered to be pre-ordered by customers before being made.
I record each pre-order on a sales order so I can keep track of orders for each item and then generate an invoice once the item is available.

It would be nice to have an email template available for sales orders too, especially since emailing a copy to the customer is an option from the view screen.


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A sales quote (which could even be retitled as “Order confirmation,” “Pro Forma Invoice” or something similar) would be a more appropriate form to use. Like a sales order, it has no financial impact. And email templates can be generated. Sales quotes are meant to go outside the company, sales orders are not. A sales quote can also be copied to a sales invoice.

@ tut I would strongly disagree with you on this point as a proforma is a proforma this is before the sales. The proforma is used by the Sales guys
A sales order is used by the admin person and it is an acceptance of the proforma ( sales quotes) with the PO that has been given. I use sales order which I have renamed “Sales order confirmation” to confirm quantities, Items AND delivery date. Could you please implement the sales order template and let us choose whether we want to use it or not. The Template will allow us to also confirm the PO number before goods are sent.

I don’t know what you are disagreeing with, @Fabien. Pro forma invoices are used for all kinds of things in different locations. Whatever your usage is, I imagine it is valid. But many people use pro forma invoices to obtain customer acceptance or authorization before work proceeds.

I never said otherwise. But this is different from what the person I was answering is using sales orders for. The other person was generating sales orders before purchase orders were received. You are describing using them afterwards.

However nice you think this might be, the purpose of sales orders is not to send to customers, but to record incoming purchase orders. This is exactly parallel to purchase invoices being used to record incoming sales invoices from suppliers. So why the email button? One reason is that you might want to email sales orders to someone within your company to inform them a purchase order has been received.

Whether you use it after or before it is almost irrelevant, the fact that I can send it but I cannot have a template for it is a contradiction for me. If I send a proforma with its own reference. I cannot use the same one and over ride the reference using their PO.
The fact that plenty of people are doing does not prove any points either. People are doing wrong thing all the time. Or they are trying to bend the system to make it fit.
A proforma, sales order, sales invoice and delivery note are the logical steps…now a days people are not only asking for an acknowledgement of their order…(so no sales quote) they are also asking a confirmation as per when the goods will be going.
If you are saying many people/companies are not complaining about those requests I will reply: They can live in the 80’s but fast forward customers. Need fast forward information and if I have to type 60 emails per days for order confirmation because you do not want to create an automatic template it will mean you have missed the point. Using the software is here to help and reduce clicks, processing and time sorting the administration. I do not understand why so much to convince you guys of the so obvious. I am certain this will help everybody using the software.
And until you know the software well or if you are running a start up you never know exactly what you want until you are missing it.

could not find anything newer discussing this subject, so want to bring it back to the developer

I would also like to vote for a sales order email template since almost every customer expects his order confirmed with a sales order ( sales order confirmation, sales order acknowledgement ).
using sales order would serve best to do this instead of copy and paste a template when emailing a sales order.

see information on


Sales Order Process

Generally speaking, the sales order process looks something like this:

  1.  A customer sends a request for quote (RFQ) to a vendor.
  2.  After receiving the RFQ, the vendor sends back a quote.
  3.  The customer considers the quote reasonable and sends back a purchase order.
  4.  The vendor receives the purchase order and uses its details to generate a sales order.
  5.  The vendor sends the sales order to the customer to confirm the terms of the sale.
  6.  The vendor assembles, packages, or prepares the goods and services requested.
  7.  The vendor delivers those goods or services.

    Using the details of the sales order, the vendor generates an invoice and sends it to the customer.
    Ideally, the customer pays the amount specified on the invoice within the allotted time frame.

Sales orders play a central role in making sure a sale is well-documented, properly conducted, and reflective of what both sides are expecting.

It’s important that anyone consistently involved in sales – such as a vendor or a customer – has an understanding of these kinds of documents and the implications they may have on a company’s inventory, finances, and legal standing.

would appreciate if others could also vote for this feature so that the developer might consider to implement


Fully agree. In the meanwhile I found a workaround by saving the sales order and attach it to the e-mail I sent via my e-mailprogram. But it would be so much more efficient to have the e-mailtemplate for sales orders in the Manager program.

It is clearly evident by the examples provided of real world usage that Sales Orders are more than just internal documentation, in that, they not only provide confirmation of the purchase order details but can also convey to the purchaser other pertinent information such as delivery details, payment terms etc. Especially when a Purchase Order maybe received without first generating to the purchaser a Sales Quote, where such details may have been contained.

Using Sales Quotes, albeit re-titled, just because it has an existing email template feature is not a solution.

Therefore, as it appears to be a “simple” addition I will add it to Ideas.

introducing an email template for Sales Order would comparatively be of lesser importance when Manager does not even provide one for Debit Notes.

@sharpdrivetek, I understand your point, however, businesses can’t survive without sales orders whereas they may never ever create a Debit Note.

Anyhow, why don’t you submit a separate topic for Email Template for Debit Notes with examples or its application for consideration to be added to Ideas.

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a debit note is a very common business transaction when you make a purchase return or claim a credit from the supplier for damaged goods received or for whatever other reasons.

please find the year old topic below.

I understand that, it is just that some businesses “never” make a purchase return or receive damaged goods. I will check out your earlier topic.

Added to the latest version (21.1.4)

Super! Many thanks!