Multiple email templates for sales invoices


is there any possibility to have more than one email template for a sales invoice?

I need to create few templates because I have a few types of customers with different payment conditions and it would be really good if I can create a few templates with different conditions.

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This cannot currently be done. But I will put it into the ideas category.

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More on multiple template varying by customer. or customer type. Not global template I guess… unless there is dropdown menu when the email template viewscreen popup to choose manually on the spot might be useful but not automate. unless of course form default for email template… which can switch between manual or automate template of own choosing.

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My business also need to send emails with different templates.

We have retail and wholesale customers. The invoices and quotation emails we sent to them need to use different templates. And we also send monthly recurring invoices for equipment rental. So we need at least 3 sales invoice templates and 2 quotation templates.

What I currently do is make 3 sales invoice templates and save them as text files. Whenever I need to change the invoice email type, I copy from text file to the Email Template in Settings. This is quite tedious and prone to error.

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Allow adding unlimited number of email templates.
  2. Let the user choose which template to use on the email compose page, say, with a dropdown.
  3. And in Settings, have a default template config for each type of document to maintain the existing behaviour.

I think it’s overcomplicated to automate choosing template base on customer types / payment types. Just a method to manually switch among different templates is flexible.

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I think a temporary solution is to use the {if} (liquid) statement to do these (otherwise it a copy/paste job of all your template).

Unfortunately I think you can only use the default code so you may be quite limited on what you can do, otherwise it is a hassle to manage.

I suggest to do copy/paste or separated it into two business for a temporary solution.

I really like the ability to send emails from and keep all communication is one place.

I do need to send email notices to my clients, but it does not fit any category of it being Invoice/ Delivery note, etc.

  • I did use functionality to send an email on the client itself and it did work, however, I can not customize it using templates and it did attach customer details from the manager together with other attachment, which was not really what I needed
  • If we had multiple templates as well as a “custom communication” item to client option, which could be part of client portal as well as they could see these notification documents sent to them it would be really nice.

Manager is not intended to be a regular email client for general communications. Its email capabilities are only for sending accounting transactions and reports created within the program. This topic concerns the suggestion of being able to send those transactions and reports with multiple templates for different covering messages. Manager is not going to become a centralized resource for customer communication.

  1. Multiple email templates for existing functionality would meet my needs half way too.
  • However I do not see why Custom Document associated to customer is bad.
  • Application already provided multitude customer related comunications invoicing, sale quates, delivery notes, etc
  • I am not talking about generic emailing, I am talking business with client related documents
    • Could be anything: Specifications, Notices, Other specific documents related to customer
  • Customer portal is already going to closer interaction with customers, so why not.


  1. Why customer screen has email function

but it does not have template associated with it?


not consistent with the rest of application

  1. Folders is same example as customer: has Emailing option but no emial template, neither document template.

So maybe you right no need for new functionality, just extending existing to all areas would make it work for custom scenarios.

Because it requires the program to become a word-processing application instead of an accounting application.

No, it provides records of accounting transactions that can be emailed.

See first response above.

Because you may need to email information about a customer to someone internally. Templates are provided for externally facing transactions, not internal definitions, ledger setup entires, etc.

Yes, it is.

Folders are for internal use. They are not meant to be seen by customers or suppliers, so no template or theme is necessary.