Email Template for Receipts

@lubos Please add the Email Template For Receipt. I can’t Find it for some reason. Version 17.9.94

and… The recipient email address did not autofill. :sweat:

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I am not sure if there was an Email template setting for receipts previously as i never email them.
Anyway this setting is not available in the latest version 17.10.0 either.

Also, in receipts, the email address does not auto-populate with the email id set for a customer or supplier.

It may also be taken into consideration that the email templates should be different for a payment received receipt and payment made receipt.

While most business will not have the need to send a receipt for payment made to a supplier, it will be better if the receipt mailed to them do not show the expenses incurred for the payment, like the bank charges. so i hope @lubos considers this if there is any plan to make this available in the coming days.

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@lubos Agree with this, please could you add an email template for Receipts. Currently the email addresses, subject line, and content details have to be manually carried across in order to send Receipt emails, which is very time-consuming compared to emailing of Invoices and Statements.

Thank you, it would help a lot!

Really need this feature. Some customers would like receipts to be emailed. And would be so helpfull if we have an ability to add more than 1 template for emailed receipts.

For example. Customer makes a deposit and require a confirmation for deposit received and due date for delivery (So can setup template 1 for that purpose). Then customer pays remainder say prior to dispatch. Thats when we can email receipt to customer and thank them for their business (so can setup now template 2 for this purpose)…

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@lubos Any feedback on this to say yes / no / maybe down the line? It comes up as an issue for me every month, having to manually enter receipt details for every receipt email.

I just wanted to put my vote in for this as well. It definitely adds some time having to find and copy the email address, before generating and sending a receipt.


Just want to put in my vote for this as well. It can be just a blank entry, one for payment and another for receipts under the email template

Just adding my vote to this. Would be so much easier than printing to PDF and then attaching to email.

Added to the latest version (21.1.4).

However, receipts and payments share the same email template.

If you want email template specific to receipts and another one specific to payments. Then use the following logic.

{% if title == "Receipt" %}
Text for receipts
{% endif %}

{% if title == "Payment" %}
Text for payments
{% endif %}

This way you can control what is generated for emails based on the document title.