Email settings - operation time out

If you encounter other problems, post them in a new topic on the Forum. Be as specific as possible, including information on:

  • Manager edition: desktop
  • Software version:
  • Operating system: macOS Monterey version 12.5
  • Error message: The operation has timed out.
  • Email Settings:
    username ( compliant with ionos instructions
    password tested to be correct
    tried with bot troubleshooting option ticked or unticked

This probably means that your email server isn’t responsive. You should try connecting at another time to rule out this possibility.

The problem persist while I am perfectly able to use the mail server in my mail programme.

I have the same issue, I use to use port 465 but we only have port 587 available now. My email provider doesn’t support 587 only 465 and since the last update is now stopped working. So, now I cant relay email via SMTP anymore.

Did you try to enable “Do not verify TLS certificate” in the settings using port 587 (even though your email provider may not advertise its availability.

Funny enough port 465 which supports SSL should no longer be used according to Which SMTP Port Should I Use? Understanding Ports 25, 465, & 587 | Mailgun The security protocol of (STAR)TLS of port 587 is superior to SSL.

This! This is what is happening to me now. I posted here: Email set up - #6 by ZAFMike but this is my problem. When I enable Do not verify TLS certificate for port 25 it sends a test email successfully but then when I try to send an Invoice it says Failed to send. The email is critical as I send out many a day and now I am having to save them then upload them to my business email and send them out which is soooo much more time consuming.

Manager edition: Desktop
OS: Windows 11

Hi. Can anyone help? :woozy_face:

Please provide screenshot(s).
Port 25 is used for communication from mail server to mail server.
As e-mail client you may try to use 465 or 587, depends on the e-mail provider.

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@Sarai, you need to follow instructions in the Guide about troubleshooting email. Provide all requested information.

Manager does not have port 465 as an option - which is my port

When I choose port 587 I get error:
Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: SMTP AUTH is required for message submission on port 587

When I choose port 25 I get error:
Operation timed out.

I can’t change anything else on Manager Email Settings. @Tut can you pls send link for the guide, although I think I went through it already.

Please provide more info, so a larger screenshot.
Most likely the problem lies in the fact that the hostname used is not right

Go to Settings - Email settings and show us a full screenshot of it.
Here is an example, fields are empty, but please show us your data in your screenshot.

Did you read the guide:, especially the part about Gmail?

I did but it is not a Gmail account. It is a company account as in the screenshot.

Just did a Whois lookup and found that is the hosting provider for your domain (by the way use a SSL for that website, you can follow the steps how to use a good free one based on Let’sencrypt at Free GoDaddy SSL Certificate: Install Let’s Encrypt (in 15mins) or pay for one at Godaddy).

You need to login into the Workspace Control Center of your domain at and look for the email settings belonging to

By the way Godaddy allows SMPT to be sent from both 465 and 587
Also try the following settings from Server and port settings for Workspace Email | Workspace Email - GoDaddy Help IE

Outgoing server and ports

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I pointed you to this guide regarding Gmail because I was of the impression that it was about the Gmail address you have shown in the picture [].
Now that you have provided the correct info, hopefully @eko has given you useful pointers to solve your problem.