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I am using a gmail for my small business. But since it is slowly growing I have bought a domain and an email. When i used that email to send mails, it sends emails nicely, but the issue is that those mails i sent are not synced to my mail box under sent items. When i contacted the email hosting provider, they says that they only allow syncing of email sent through IMAP. They do not have any plans of implementing SMTP.
Is there any way for me in this situation? Can solve this problem? Or do i have to change my email hosting, if so what are my options? ( i am sending invoices to customers, so very few emails. And i do not want an expensive hosting)

I don’t think Manager will support IMAP any time soon but I could be wrong.

So you will not be able to use the email functions in Manager to route emails through your email provider :sleepy:

Not sure what your provider claims because on their website on mail packages they make clear they do support SMTP, see

Oh, i did not notice that. but they mailed me saying that they don’t support SMTP email sync. But again they might be correct, because i can send emails without any issues, the only thing is that
the emails i send using does not appear in my “sent” folder.

That is normal behaviour for SMTP, you could consider sending copies to yourself, i.e. enter additional email addresses, if desired, separated by commas or semicolons. Alternatively setup another email account such as and use anemail service such as Bluegate (free for 300 emails daily passed through it) or Sendgrid. These have their own interfaces where you can keep track online where you have send which email, which ones where opened, bounced, etc. They allow for single email relay as well and keep track of those.

I can not understand the solutions you are mentioning. I am only familiar with email hosting. Don’t have any other deeper knowledge about these things.

Is there any email hosting provider that supports SMTP?

Yours already does! What you want is to be able to see the sent files in your email package as well which is not possible! The only way to get things in your sent folder in your email package is to send it from that email package such as Outlook. You then have to download the PDF and email manually.

Why then when i send emails from my gmail account using, those mails are there in my sent folder in gmail.?

Because it’s Google and Google is curious. It reads all e-mails that are sent via SMTP, and then saves those e-mails to your (authenticated user ) mailbox. This is not a standard SMTP operation.
Gmail has combined some SMTP and IMAP features, which is actually abnormal!

Is there any email hosting provider that does something like that you mentioned? i want somehow my emails to be also in the sent items folder.

So why not use gmail if that works for you. You can use your own domain name with gmail as well.

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But let the manager send you copies of the messages and then make filter tor those messages in your inbox so that they are moved to the sent folder immediately. Many mail servers have the ability to create filters already on the server. Or create a filter in your mail program.

That is what I suggested first time around.