Some emails don't reach customers


Some e-mails do not reach the customer. Do you know why?


Email deliverability is complicated issue. More aggressive spam filters might not let emails through and that’s why Manager provides an option to use custom SMTP server. This way you can control which server actually sends email if our email server is causing issues.


Yes, there is an option of selecting SMTP server but I don’t know how to give the details it asks for. If the program can pick it up from the system, is it possible?


Usually SMTP details would be provided by your email provider. For example, if you are using Gmail, then you need to look up SMTP settings for your Gmail account and enter them into email settings.

If you are not familiar with SMTP, don’t use it. Just email invoice yourself and then forward directly from your email address to your customers.


I have set-up many e-mail accounts but I cannot get this one to work. I have set up two different e-mail accounts on two different smtp servers and they always default back to your e-mail. Has anyone got this to work? Is there a way to get any error codes that were sent back?
Help please.


Current implementation don’t actually throw an error, it will quietly fall back on our SMTP server if there is an error. This is known issue and on my todo list.