Email Service Failure on Desktop Version


It seems like you have a program running in the background which periodically purges your Temp folder while Manager is running.

The reason why restarting fixes the issue is that when you start Manager, the program makes no assumption about your Temp directory but once it’s running it starts making assumptions for performance reasons. So if some other program starts deleting your temporary directories which Manager relies on, it can create a problem.

I can’t fix this issue because it’s in 3rd-party library. I will report this issue to them so they could fix it but the issue is primarily caused by some program on your computer which is aggressively purging your Temp folder while Manager is running.


I have not installed such a program, perhaps it is something in windows which is now doing this behaviour?


Windows has this ability but as far as I know, it will prompt you whether you want to do it and only when you are running low on disk space. Most people never see it. It’s not something common otherwise you’d see a lot of people running into this issue.


you hit the nail @lubos, that is what I have in mind.


Maybe your anti virus is removing the file from the temp directory or you have some software that cleans your computer like CC Cleaner, Lavasoft or something.


Only windows defender currently running as antivirus, nothing else at all.

So I decided to check when the error occurred if the path existed at that point in time… it does not. not even the folder exists…BUT… Only that folder, all other temp files appear to be there from various dates (image attached) This seems even more odd. If it was an automated cleaner type program surely it would wipe all temp files. this seems localised to the APITRON tool that does the pdf conversion if I’m not mistaken. @lubos does this shed any further light on it?


Further to this the Apitron folder is not created on restart of manager but is created only when hitting the send button to send the invoice/report. So While I agree its being deleted or removed somehow, if manager is capable of the call to create the folder in the first instance, why cant it do it again if the folder is not in the temp directory?

To test a theory, I have placed a file I have created into the apitron directory and will see if that may force it to not self delete, which appears to be what is happening.


You are the only one with this issue as far as I know. If you can fix it yourself by copying some dummy file into Apitron folder, great. Otherwise I’ll just wait if there are more people with this problem before looking into it further.


So far no failures since putting a dummy file in the apitron folder. The files it creates are still self deleting but the folder is not.


Issue has returned. Despite putting a file in the apitron folder it has once again been deleted automatically. No ther files or folders in the temp directory have been removed or deleted. This has to be an apitron behaviour.


Issue is still present… any firther suggestions welcome


We’ve been having this issue intermittently for a few months. Workaround has been to manually create C:\Users<me>\AppData\Local\Temp\Apitron while Manager is running. Manager Ver 17.12.67


Glad I’m not alone… its driving me crazy… I have done that and put read only files in the folder as well… But it keeps deleting itself


unless in windows you change the ownership (from you to administartor ) of the folder then the system cannot delete the folder

  1. Link of how to activate hidden admin account.


Not tested But I have trouble deleting old windows 7 Operation system folder, due to said something about ownership is the administration account user (hidden) but not apparent administration account user by my defined name. Had to change the ownership and walla… can be delete.

Myself as user can’t do some operation on folder if limited by ownership but I can’t say the same in case of windows system by itself.


@lubos Any word from the 3rd party on this issue? Its still a large annoyance.


Getting worse and worse. Cant send emails after only 3 hours now.


From my testing, it’s not possible to delete Apitron folder while Manager is running. Anyway, the latest version (18.4.51) will check if the folder exists and will create it before generating PDF. See if this fixes your issue.


Several days now and so far the issue is gone. Thanks @lubos


Thank you @joelp for reported the outcome.