Email sends 2 copies to client

Ticked the “send a copy of every email to this address” option and correctly input my email address which tests ok when setup for my company domain server.
Using the Email button on reports and invoices it sends 2 copies to the client email and does not send a copy to my own email.
Has this been fixed in the latest version?
Using 16.11.30

I don’t think was ever a bug. Are you sure there isn’t something wrong with your mail server?

If you are using custom SMTP server, can you try to disable it and send email without custom SMTP? Or try different SMTP server.

Because I suspect it’s something wrong with your custom SMTP server. Not Manager.

I will check but when I use the test email button it sends it to my email so it does work with the custom smtp settings.

Just ran it with the custom smtp disabled and it still send 2 copies to the client email, same problem with plain text or html format.
If I turn off the send copy to me it only sends one email to the client (as it should)

How do you know client receives two copies anyway? If you are using dummy email address to test, are you sure you don’t have any forwarding rules set up?

I have 2 different mail servers and suppliers 1 for personal and 1 for business, no forwarding rules.

And how do you access those two email accounts? Do you have one email client which pulls emails from both email accounts? Or do you have web-based interface accessing these mailboxes separately.

one email client (outlook 2007) that pulls from all email accounts

That would explain why it seem like you are receiving the email twice.

Once as To recipient and once as Bcc recipient.

There is no bug. It works as designed.

Cannot see the bcc field in the received messages so didn’t realise that was what I was receiving.
Thanks for your help and time, first class service.