E-mail error 1-12-2018

Dear Manager,

While sending my invoices to my customers I have encountered a bug. For some reason my copies of invoices are not showing up in my e-mail inbox. I have not encountered this before since up to last week i had no problems what so ever.

The things I have checked
Send copy box ticked? yes is ticked and saved
Sending an invoice to myself - no problem but no copy
Sending an e-mail to myself from my work e-mail - no problem
Running latest version - yes

So i think that there might be a bug between the manager server and my account since my mail server is not receiving the invoices at all. I hope you can help

Kind regards,


You have left out the most important information. What are your email setting?

Solved! This topic can be deleted. I asked a friend who is also a user and had this bug as well. He said that you need to replace the e-mail adres and then change it back.