Email Problem

I’m using Cloud edition and all went 100% till this morning. I can’t send quotes and invoices via email. Switched antivirus programs off, still nothing. Did a backup and installed desktop version. Tried to send emails and worked 100% from desktop with same settings as cloud edition, but cloud refuse to send emails. Any idea why and what can be done to solve this problem.

you need to read the guide on troubleshooting email issues and providing more information on your email provider and screen images of your email setup

Troubleshoot email issues

This doesn’t answer my question. How can the desktop version work but not cloud. Same settings. For the past 3 years my settings is the same. How can it overnight pick up a problem? Yes I did read all the guides and issues but don’t understand why one works and the other not with same settings

And no one can help you until you furnish the information requested, from your cloud edition settings.

The sending of email from your desktop and from the cloud are two different processes using two different platforms

But with the information you have provided so far, the only thing that can be said is who knows?

Try port 587. That is the preferred port.

Still the same

Show your email settings from the edition that works.

are you using a custom domain for your cloud edition? if yes, then your DNS settings with your domain provider can sometimes interfere with your email forwarding. an update from your domain provider might have triggered the problem which you should try to resolve with them.

Thanks I will give them a call

Most internet service providers will allow email transmissions on port 25 from within their network but not from remote connections