Email not sending from Manager

Having upgraded to Catalina I am not able to send emails directly from the program.Instead am saving as PDF and sending separately .
Using the test button in settings this message appears 535 5.7.8 Error . authentication failed .
And when actually trying to send an email this appears .

Your problem is not related to Catalina. Have you read the Guides:

You will not get help until you have and followed their instructions, including providing the requested information.

Yes , I did read the guides over and over and also searched through previous conversations in order to solve the problem. This error has occurred before I am sure but I can’t figure out how it was resolved .
You say it is not related to Catalina but it did happen after the upgrade .
I will attach a screenshot of the email settings I have .58%20PM

And Manager version is 19.11.22
Mac OS 10.15.1
Both desktop and Cloud versions are encountering the same problem …

Double-check your SMTP server hostname. I have no information on your email provider, but most SMTP hostnames would not include the “mail” portion. They usually follow the format of either or, but not both.

Does this help?

Hi …

As it turns out the email settings were correct but an app specific password needed to be created . To do this I went to and in the Security section created the password then copied and pasted it into email settings in Manager .
All good now and thankyou …

Thankyou …